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16 March 2007 @ 06:56 pm
We agree. Sanjaya is love. That doesn't mean he should be back for another week of "American Idol." Yet he just keeps hangin' in there. So who's responsible for keeping the young Mr. Malakar on the "Idol" stage?

There are many suspects at which to point the finger. Could it be mischief maker Howard Stern, for promoting Sanjaya as this year's Vote For the Worst candidate? Or tween girls abusing their cell phone speed dial? Maybe it's the "Idol" producers who lavish him with loads of screen time? Perhaps inadvertent reverse psychology from Simon Cowell is the reason?

We sniffed out the Buzz trail for clues. First, we eliminated the girl-power motive. Female teens account for 14% of his queries, but their proportion has dropped as older adults (who should know better) have taken up his cause. If anything, tween girls have shown good taste with copious searches on Blake and Chris Richardson.

Second, we noticed Barba-bereft New Jersey and other East Coast states are hotbeds for Sanjaya searches. Perhaps with all of the East Coast contenders eliminated, the Atlantic region is throwing their support behind the underdog.

But as with any good mystery, the culprit turns out to be the one you'd least suspect. So we turn our attention to: Hawaii, where Sanjaya spent his formative years. Don't be fooled by the tiny islands. After all, they helped keep Jasmine Trias afloat in season 4. The Aloha State is also responsible for the highest percentage of Idol searches year after year.

We're watching you, Hawaii. No more false moves with Idol voting. Our democratic process is at stake.
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21 January 2007 @ 02:41 am
Saw Children of Men...thinking it will be good but all it turned out to be people getting killed and shot at for two hours. the combat scenes were well done. And the ending sucked bad.
- Tanya Schevitz, Chronicle Staff Writer
Monday, August 7, 2006

An amateur soccer player was arrested during a game at Golden Gate Park on Sunday morning after he apparently cut off a truck on his way to the game and triggered a crash that killed two people and critically injured a third person, San Francisco police said.

Brian McCarthy, 19, of Millbrae was arrested on suspicion of a non-contact felony hit-and-run and two counts of vehicular manslaughter in connection with the crash, said San Francisco Police Officer Maria Oropeza.

The San Francisco medical examiner's office identified the two people who died as Bing Song Mo, 49, and Sheung Chow, 66, both of San Francisco. A third man, in his 60s, is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries, Oropeza said.

McCarthy is a star soccer player at Skyline College who also plays club soccer with the San Francisco Celtic club team, and was headed to a Celtic game when the incident occurred. He also is well known for his skills in both soccer and baseball at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory school in San Francisco where he graduated in 2005.

Police said that at about 9:30 a.m., McCarthy was driving westbound on Brotherhood Way near Junipero Serra Boulevard when he cut off the truck that Chow was driving with two passengers. Although McCarthy's vehicle did not hit the truck, it caused Chow to swerve, lose control, flip over and crash into a tree, Oropeza said.

The victims were trapped inside the overturned truck and had to be extricated by rescuers.

Following the crash, McCarthy did not stop and instead continued to the Celtic soccer game at the Beach Chalet fields near 47th Avenue.

"I don't think that he knew that it happened," Oropeza said.

A witness to the crash followed McCarthy and alerted authorities.


I'm disgusted with this guy and he went to a Catholic school.....
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No surprise.......Lance Bass is GAY.....No shocker!!!!!!!!
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Shopping at Nordstrom today because of a sale. I charged the stuff on my credit card and behold I was told by the bank that they detected some fraudulent charges through on-line. Charged $37.79 twice the amount.....WTF!!!!!!! Called Wish meetic wishees. So they have to cancel my card and give me a new one. I don't have to pay for these fraud charges. Thank god for Nordstrom........for calling in my card before I left. Lessons learned.....don't go on-line shopping even though I love Ebay.
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09 July 2006 @ 06:32 pm
I hate fuckin' road rage car drivers. This motherfucker kept giving me the horn for no apparent reason. Driving speed in residential area.....dumb-ass. He kept on honking so I went slower...what do you think about that! Then his stupid CRV passed me......so I kept on honking at him. Those kind of drivers should die in a car crash. They are the kind of people that cause accidents on highways. Always weaving around the lanes to get faster to places. If I ever see that dark blue Honda CRV.....I'm gonna throw a egg at it. Should of got license number.
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24 June 2006 @ 10:01 pm
Richardson splits from Backstreet Boys.....MY fav. BSB
ORLANDO, Fla. - The Backstreet Boys are saying goodbye to the oldest member of their band, according to a statement posted on the group's Web site Saturday
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I teared up after watching this movie. Wal-mart treat employees, customers, and the people in China making the stuff SO Badly. They are one of the worst companies ever out of all of the Giant retail stores.

WAL-MART does not offer overtime for workers. They close down small businesses because the small businesse cannot compete with the Giant greedy bastards. Crimes have increased in wal-mart parking lots: rape, murder, theft. THERE is no one watching the security camera! WHAT the Fuck is the point having them! YOU better watch out for your safety. All they want is your money, and don't care about you when you in the lot.


Ever wonder why Wal-mart prices are so low????

---Because it only cost them $.18 cents to make the pants. The worker at China is paid only a few cents an hour.

----Then Wal-mart makes a profit by charging the customers $14.99 per pant. No wonder they are billionares....

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01 June 2006 @ 10:33 pm
I had this theater teacher in high school who was originally from NY. He told us one day how when he first came to California he was out fishing but the fish weren't biting. He saw some guy later with a bunch of fish and asked the guy, how'd you catch so many fish. The guy replied, well what you want to do is get get hella cheese and put it on the hook. The fish love it. So my teacher went to the grocery store. He was looking all over in the cheese aisle but couldn't find what he was looking for. He stopped one of the guys working in the store who walked past and asked, do you have hella cheese. And the guy working was a like... uhhhh, yeah. You're standing in front of it. And my teacher still couldn't find it. So the guy working was like, well, what kind of cheese are you looking for. So my teacher said, hella. That's what I already said, hella. Then he told him about how the fisherman told him to get hella cheese... the person working in the grocery store had to explain it to him... hella funny.
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26 April 2006 @ 07:18 pm
Angelina Jolie interview on today show:

Topic: Her relationship with Brad Pitt

Jolie: ... I don't talk about our my relationship in public. But we also don't talk about it at home. You know, it's one of those funny things that like just happens, and you live your life and you're a family. But you never actually discuss —

Curry: It's uncomfortable.

Jolie: It's just kind of funny, you know, when you're naturally just together and living your life, and you never have sat down and kind of — so that's why I giggle about it. Because, you know, if he saw this and somebody asked, you know, about like relationship questions, he would probably understand why I was laughing. 'Cause I just don't know how to address that kind of thing.

______=== Funny how she did not mention about being in "love." Pitt is only someone that she lives with and which got her pregnant. It seems like she is using him to take care of her kids and someone substitute him as a male figure in her childrens'lives. If I was to get pregnant....I would want a man like Pitt with all his attractive genes.
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