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26 April 2006 @ 07:18 pm
Funny how we avoid  
Angelina Jolie interview on today show:

Topic: Her relationship with Brad Pitt

Jolie: ... I don't talk about our my relationship in public. But we also don't talk about it at home. You know, it's one of those funny things that like just happens, and you live your life and you're a family. But you never actually discuss —

Curry: It's uncomfortable.

Jolie: It's just kind of funny, you know, when you're naturally just together and living your life, and you never have sat down and kind of — so that's why I giggle about it. Because, you know, if he saw this and somebody asked, you know, about like relationship questions, he would probably understand why I was laughing. 'Cause I just don't know how to address that kind of thing.

______=== Funny how she did not mention about being in "love." Pitt is only someone that she lives with and which got her pregnant. It seems like she is using him to take care of her kids and someone substitute him as a male figure in her childrens'lives. If I was to get pregnant....I would want a man like Pitt with all his attractive genes.
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